Canberra JETAA Inc E-mail for Week Ending 28 August 2010

A bit more meat this week. RSVP for O-Shab by NOON Tuesday, 31st August.

  • JETAA Canberra Committee Meeting
  • Nara Candle Festival Planning Continues
  • A Chance to Improve Your Japanese
  • O-Shaberikai
  • Sakura, Sakura, Sakura
  • News from Japan

JETAA Canberra Committee Meeting

On August 22nd (also known as “last Sunday”) we held a committee meeting to discuss planning for this year’s Candle Festival. Thanks to Amanda for hosting!

In the interest of full disclosure (Tony, take notice. If I can do it, so can you.), the rest of the team held the meeting. Your serving president explored the wilds of rural NSW after missing the turnoff to Amanda’s house. I discovered two cattle farms I didn’t know existed and found that a Toyota Corolla hatchback does quite well on dirt roads.

Thanks to everyone who came out! In addition to the Candle Festival upcoming JETAA activities including our annual trivia night and possibly a movie night at the embassy were discussed so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Nara Candle Festival Planning Continues

The planning for the annual Nara Candle Festival continues.

This year the festival will be held on the 18th of September and we’re hoping for better weather than last year! As per the previous newsletters this is Nara’s 1300th anniversary which means that we are going to need as many volunteers as possible so keep the date open on your calendars.

It looks like we will need people from 1pm to 10pm (including set-up and tear down). We are doing Gyoza again this year which means we will need both grill people and sales, so if you have some time on Saturday contact Amanda to get your name on the roster ( For those who help out, we’re planning on doing something the day after as well, but plans for that are still in the works.

A Chance to Improve Your Japanese

Would you like to brush up on your Japanese and help with English conversation exchange?

Mr Yuichi Hamada, the Second Secretary at the Embassy of Japan, would like to practise his English and is looking for a conversation exchange partner once or twice a week, for about an hour per session. If you are interested, please contact Mr Hamada via e-mail at the following address:

Speaking of improving one’s Japanese/English skills….


That’s right folks, its that time of month again.

We will be hosting our monthly O-Shaberikai at Coo on the 1st of September (next Wednesday) from around 6pm. Recently we have had a great turn out at these events with about an even split between native English and native Japanese speakers.

Coo does a pretty good spread so come on out for a chat. Please RSVP with me ( by NOON TUESDAY 31st August so we can give Aizawa-san numbers for the reservation.

Sakura, Sakura, Sakura

The Sakura have begun to bloom on ANU campus giving your serving president an urge to buy the three B’s (Beer, Bento, and Blue Tarp) and set up camp in the middle of campus to enjoy the blossoms properly. As this would probably be frowned upon by campus security our friends at AJS Canberra have an alternative less likely to cause civil unrest.

“Our friends from the AJS (Cowra) are once again hosting the Sakura Matsuri Festival at the Cowra Japanese Gardens on Saturday 25th andSunday 26th September. All guests and visitors are welcomed and the gardens should look a picture this year after the improved rainfall.Further details can be obtained by calling the Gardens on 63412233.
Details of the festival can be found on the website”

News from Japan

I’m going with this week.

Top Model Fans – The Final Four go to Tokyo

“Recently, the final four girls spent a week in Tokyo, living it up in a suite at the Hilton Tokyo. The episode involving their Tokyo sojourn will air in mid-September (Tokyo residents will be able to view snippets on YouTube.)”

Politics Politics Politics: DPJ Race Heats Up

“TOKYO-Japan’s business executives called on the government Thursday to prioritize economic stimulus steps as they are concerned that Japan’s economy could be hurt if Democratic Party of Japan heavyweight Ichiro Ozawa’s decision to challenge Prime Minister Naoto Kan in the party’s leadership race leads to division within the governing party.”

See you next Wednesday!

Adam C. Gastineau
JETAA President

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