Canberra JETAA Inc E-mail for Week Ending 24th September 2010

NO MORE GYOZA, for another year or so at least.

  • Nara Candle Festival: The Aftermath!
  • Conversation Partner Needed
  • A Request From a Recent Returnee
  • O-Shaberikai
  • Sakura, Sakura, Sakura
  • News from Japan

Nara Candle Festival: The Aftermath

That’s right folks. It’s all over. The Nara Candlefest has come and gone for another year. Last year was rough. I’m told that we were selling bags of frozen gyoza to break even. This year however, was a complete blowout. We had a line stretching to infinity and beyond from the time the gates opened until 9:30.

A HUGE thank you to all those who came out and volunteered, especially those who stayed for longer than their assigned shift. We made around $2,500.00 for upcoming JETAA Canberra events. Special thanks to Tomo, Diana, and the gents from CLAIR Sydney who came out to help as well. We truly couldn’t have done it without you!

As for your serving president; after six and a half hours of standing by a grill I went home and went to bed. When I closed my eyes all I could see was grilling gyoza and smoke. If anyone asks me for meat gyoza before next year I may cry. Hey, at least I was warm when the sun went down.

A Chance to Improve Your Japanese

Would you like to brush up on your Japanese and help with English conversation exchange?

Mr Yuichi Hamada, the Second Secretary at the Embassy of Japan, would like to practise his English and is looking for a conversation exchange partner once or twice a week, for about an hour per session. If you are interested, please contact Mr Hamada via e-mail at the following address:

Shinobue Flute Anyone?

The following was posted recently by Clair Dupont, who has recently returned from Fukushima-ken. If anyone is interested, or knows of anyone who might be please let Clair know.

Hi! My name is Clair Dupont

I have just returned from being on the JET program for two years working in Fukushima Prefecture, Iwaki City&. I am now back living in Canberra.

I’m looking for anyone that is interested/who can play the Shinobue Flute. I have been playing for 6 months in Japan and would love to find someone in Australia to play with. The Shinobue Flute can also be played with the Guitar, Drums and Koto. There are 12 different sizes. I have 4 out of the 12. I also have lots of music. Or even if you are a flute player, it may be possible to play the shinobue flute.

Fill free to contact me on my email address ( with any questions and/or if you would like to make a group. Or my mobile number is 0421 634 308.


Clair 🙂


A bit early this time around, but I wanted to be sure to give folks time to plan.

We will be hosting our monthly O-Shaberikai at Coo on the 6th of October from around 6pm. Recently we have had a great turn out at these events with about an even split between native English and native Japanese speakers.

Coo does a pretty good spread so come on out for a chat. Please RSVP with me ( by NOON 4th October so we can give Aizawa-san numbers for the reservation. We had a large group last time so do please RSVP so we can give an accurate count.

Sakura, Sakura, Sakura

Though the blossoms have started to fade at ANU this weekend is the Sakura Matsuri in Cowra. There is also a memorial ceremony on Sunday morning to commemorate those who died on both sides during WWII for those who might wish to attend.

“Our friends from the AJS (Cowra) are once again hosting the Sakura Matsuri Festival at the Cowra Japanese Gardens on Saturday 25th andSunday 26th September. All guests and visitors are welcomed and the gardens should look a picture this year after the improved rainfall.Further details can be obtained by calling the Gardens on 63412233.
Details of the festival can be found on the website”

News from Japan

A little something from some western news outlets this week.

First the Australian

Man I wish the U.S. could do this.

Tokyo – “JAPANESE officials have delayed Paris Hilton at Tokyo’s Narita airport while they decide whether she will be admitted to the country after pleading guilty to a drug charge in Las Vegas.”

And a bit of the ol’ BBC.

Tokyo Vice Shakes Up the Big Fellas

Tokyo – “Japan’s scandal-hit sport of sumo has vowed to cut all ties with the yakuza gangsters ahead of the basho, or tournament, now taking place in Tokyo. But has irreparable damage already been done?”

Have a good week folks!


Adam C. Gastineau
President JETAA Canberra

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