Annual General Meeting, Sun, 2nd Aug

Empty Conference Room

2015 AGMSunday 2nd August, 3:00pm
@ King O’Malley’s, The Snug Room

It is time again for our Annual General Meeting.  It’s been a great year with a lot of fun events but we are also wanting to hear about what works for members and what doesn’t.  Our AGM is the first part of that plan, so please come along and let us know your thoughts and suggestions of what you’d like to see more of.

Please note: All committee positions are open for nomination at theAGM.
If you would like to get more involved and nominate yourself to be part of the Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Treasurer) or the GeneralCommittee (Webmaster/Social Media Person, Social Coordinator), please send your nomination and a brief blurb about yourself and why you would be good for the position to our current Vice President/Secretary, Amanda Wanda .Nominations must be received no less than 7 days before the AGM, so that would be Saturday, 26th July 2015.

If you can’t make make it and would like to appoint someone as your proxy for voting purposes please send Amanda an email at the above VP email address, stating your name, whether you are a full member (ie, ex-JET) or associate member, the date of the AGM (2nd August 2015) and who you want to nominate as your proxy.

Hopefully we can wrap it up reasonably quickly and grab some food and drinks together afterwards.

Where King O’Malleys, “The Snug” room (head left of the bar and up the small set of stairs.  The room is directly behind the bar)
Date Sunday 2nd August
Time 3:00pm5:00pm

We look forward to see you at the meeting.


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