JET Programme Alumni Satogaeri Project


Applications are now open for the 2015 Satogaeri Project!

This November CLAIR Sydney will be sending two JETAA Oceania members to Japan to participate in the 2015 Satogaeri Project. Over ten JET Alumni (JETA) from all over the world will take part in this project, which will consist of a one day International JETAA meeting, followed by a two day visit to your hometown (where you JETed).

The JETAA meeting will bear resemblance to our Oceania conference – sharing ideas, presenting activities, networking with others. This one will however also see participants discussing how to improve ties between JETAs and their hometowns, as well as sharing ideas on how to celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of the JET Programme.

The two day visit to your hometown will mainly consist of returning to your former workplace, re-exploring places, and meeting the locals whom you developed close ties with, as well as, among others, the current JET. It should be noted that during this visit the local media might be present, and it is strongly encouraged that you broadcast your experience via social media.

Please find below the application form you will need to fill out in order to apply. The application form itself is rather straightforward, however the project plan might be tricky to complete. We have thus included a template to guide you through this part, so please have a look at it before filling anything in.

Flights to Japan, transportation within Japan, as well as accommodation in Japan will be paid by CLAIR, although transportation costs to your nearest airport will not be paid for. For more details on what is covered and what is not, please read through the Application Guidelines.

Should you have a question that you can not find an answer for in the documents below, please feel free to get in touch with us. Once you have everything filled in please send it to by 13 of July.

We look forward to receiving many applications!

Please download files regarding this project below;

・JET Programme Alumni Satogaeri Project Application Guidelines
・Application forms
・Project Plan template

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