Year End Newsletter

Hello All!
Another year has passed us by and I’d like to thank everyone who came out to our events this year for your continued support and enthusiasm!
As everyone is currently in the pre-holiday “OMG we forgot to get something for (insert name of obscure forgotten relative here)! Put on some pants we have to get there before the shops close!!!” and “You said that only 5 people from your family were coming; how does 5 become 45?! Your COUSIN’S?!! You said NO cousins!!!!” etc. I’ll keep this newsletter brief.
Two quick points:

  • Thank you to everyone who came out for the year end BBQ on the 12th. Special thanks to Natalie, Nicola, and Amanda for getting everything set for what was a great day out.
  • There WILL BE a January Oshaberi-kai on Weds the 5th of January for anyone who would like to come out. Please let me know if you would like to attend ASAP so I can call Coo and make the booking. For those who have not been before we hold our monthly Oshaberi-kai at Coo Izakaiya 15 East Row in the City on the first Weds of every month. If you can’t make it out this time don’t worry, we’ll do it again in February. RSVP to me at This goes for you regulars too. I want to be able to give Mamoru-san an accurate head count.

Ok all done. Have a happy and festive holiday. If you’re headed north like I am try to stay dry. 🙂
Until next year…
Adam C. Gastineau
President JETAA Canberra

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