Canberra JETAA Inc E-mail for Week Ending 25 June 2010

This is the first weekly e-mail I am attempting in the new role of President of Canberra JETAA. For those who don’t know, my name is Adam Gastineau and I will be serving as president in the coming year. A huge thank you to Murray for his 5 years of leadership, and a thank you as well to Nicola et al for helping to bring me up to speed. I look forward to meeting you all at our next event, so lets get to it!

  • HayatoMiyazaki animation screenings – free admission!
  • O-Shaberikai
  • Japanese Conversation Classes at CIT (Reid Campus)
  • News from JapanHayato Miyazaki animation screenings – free admission!


At National Library Theatre Parks, Canberra ACT

SaturdayJune 26, 2010 1pmPorco Rosso

3pm Ponyo

SaturdayJuly 3, 2010 12:30pmSpirited Away

3pm My Neighbour Totoro

FREEADMISSION / No bookings required

All filmsare 35mm prints

Japanese with English subtitles

*Please be aware that the screening dates may change. Please

check the website to confirm the detailed information prior to the


JETAA Q&A Session for departing JETs

We are hosting an informal Q&A/Bon Voyage session for departing JETs this coming Monday the 28th.

Kate Price has been so kind as to open her home for this event. Please come out to give these folks a proper send off. As ESID is the mantra of the JET program, the more situations we can offer, the better.

Details are as follows:

7pm Monday 28th of June

310 Valonia 17 Dooring St Braddon (Dial 310 on the intercom)

If you’d like to help out please shoot me an e-mail at so we can get a head count for the day.


The next O-shaberikai is scheduled to be held on will be held onWednesday, 7 July 2010 at Coo Izakaya Civic from 6pm onwards. For those whodon’t know, the O-Shaberikai is a very informal monthly get-together whereJapanese people staying in Canberra can meet Australians who have some interestin Japan.

All welcome.

Japanese Conversation Classes at CIT

For those concerned about loosing their Japanese oralcommunication skills, check out these conversation classes at the CIT Reidcampus.

Advanced Japanese conversation tutorial (Xa-v003)

The CIT Vocational College is offering you an opportunity to maintain your oral skills and improve your fluency.

Conversation tutorials are held once a week, from 6 – 8pm,throughout the year,

during term time at Reid Campus.

The cost is approximately $250 for the year.

For further information, including days and locations pleasecontact:

The CIT Vocational College

(02) 6207 4800 or email

News from Japan

New Regulations require top earners to disclose their earnings.

In World Cup News, Keisuke Honda has come through in Japan’s victory over the Dutch.

Have a great week,

Adam C. Gastineau
JETAA President

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