Canberra JETAA Inc E-mail for week ending 11 December 2009

The annual field trip to Young was, barring a minor collision with some Korean working holiday makers (no-one was injured), a great success. Thank you very much to Al for organising the trip and thank you also to everyone who came along.

  • Japanese Beer for sale
  • Message from Georgina – former member hoping to reconnect
  • O-Shaberikai starts again in February 2010
  • Shinennkai
  • News from Japan

Japanese beer for sale

Following the inclement weather of the Canberra-Nara Candle Festival, JETAA has an over-stock of beer. If you are interested in acquiring a case or two (or three …) please contact Murray at:

The beer is being sold at cost as a cost-recovery exercise and we will pass on out bulk discount to you. How about that?

Price per case (24 bottles) is:

Asahi $56
Kirin $55

Message from Georgina – former member hoping to reconnect

Hi everyone

I’m looking to reconnect with our Canberra JETAA!

It’s been a long road away from Canberra – we’ve held 3 addresses in Queensland and 3 addresses in Auckland, NZ since we left in 2005.

We’re back now, and recovered from lots of family upheavals.

If you’d like to reconnect please get in touch with me at:

O-Shaberikai starts again in February 2010

The next O-Shaberikai will be held on Wednesday, 3 February 2010 at the Holy Grail in Civic from 5.30pm onwards. Please do come along if you can.

For those who don’t know, the O-Shaberikai is a very informal monthly get-together where Japanese people staying in Canberra can meet Australians who have some interest in Japan. As it is informal, you’re not bound by time constraints so turning up late or leaving early is not a problem at all.

Please note there will not be an O-Shaberikai in January 20101.


The JETAA Shinenkai will be held on Friday, 5 February 2010 at Coo Izakaya in Civic.

If you’d like to come along please let Andrea know at:

Places are limited

News from Japan

Young “grass-eating” men in Japan reject gender stereotypes:

Have a great week,

JETAA President

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