April Oshaberikai, Wed, 6th April


February おしゃべり会 (Oshaberikai) – Wednesday, 3rd February

Our April Oshaberikai and get together will be at King O’Malley’s, on Wednesday, 6th April, from 6:30pm.

皆さん、できれば日本語でしゃべりましょう!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

If you can’t speak Japanese come along anyway, we all speak English too!

For those who haven’t been before here’s how it works: You only pay for what you eat/drink and JETAA Canberra provides the bar snacks.

“The Castle” room is at the back, head left at the bar.

As of 1 September 2015, paid parking has been introduced to the parking areas on London Circuit. There is a maximum fee of $5 if you park there after 5pm.

Canberra Centre has a flat fee of $2 for parking if you enter after 6pm on weeknights.

There is FREE parking within the Australian National University after 5pm on weeknights.

It is also possible to find free parking on Torrens, Lonsdale and Mort streets in Braddon.

Where King O’Malley’s, “The Castle” room, 31 City Walk, Canberra
Date Wednesday, 6th April, 2016
Time From 6:30pm
Why Oshaberikai and meet up
RSVP social.coordinator@jetaacanberra.org
Web www.facebook.com/groups/JETAACanberra/events/    (if you aren’t a member, just ask for an invite.  Any last minute changes will be posted to the Facebook Group.)
Menus King O’Malley’s Menu


Hope to see you there!