2015 Shinnenkai BBQ Lunch, Sunday, 8 February


It’s a little late, but with January being so busy for everyone how about a barbecue to catch up? We will be having our 新年会 down at Canberra Nara Park at lunch time, Sunday February 8th. Hopefully this will be convenient for any families with kids to come along as it would be great to see you all!

The Shinnenkai will be instead of our usual monthly Oshaberikai for February.

Where: Nara Park/Lennox Gardens down by the water opposite the Yacht Club
Date Sunday, 8 February 2014
Time From 12:30pm
Why (Belatedly) celebrate the New Year with friends
RSVP social.coordinator@jetaacanberra.org
Web www.facebook.com/groups/JETAACanberra/events/    (If you aren’t a member, just ask for an invite.)
Food and Drink JETAA Canberra will be providing a couple of cases of Japanese beer, sausages, kebabs, bread, condiments and some soft drinks. If you have any particular dietary requirements, please advise us!

RSVP’s would be very much appreciated so we can ensure we have enough food and drink. There is nothing worse at a barbecue than the sausage/bread/drink ratio being wrong! As above, if you have any particular dietary requirements (vegetarian, gluten-free etc), please let us know so we can make sure we have you covered.

Due to the recently opened Chinese garden, there are less BBQ’s available, so we will try and secure one at the end of the spit.

The weather may not play well with us, so if you are interested in coming please consider joining the Facebook Group as that is where will be posting updates or postponement details.


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