October Oshaberikai, Wed, 8 October


Our October Oshaberikai and get together will be at IORI+, on Wednesday, 8th October from 6:00pm.

If you can’t speak Japanese come along anyway, we all speak English too!

For those who haven’t been before here’s how it works: You only pay for what you eat/drink. JETAA Canberra provides the renkon chips and edamame.

If you have to leave early, just find your friendly JETAA officer and settle up with them. Don’t forget to tell them what you ordered so we can check your order off the bill. We usually have change so you can pay for drinks as you go, but small bills and coins are always welcome!

Where IORI+, 1st Floor Deakin Soccer Club, 3 Grose Street, Deakin, 2600
Date Wednesday, October 8
Time From 6:00pm
Why Oshaberikai and meet up with our fellow Japanese Societies and Clubs
RSVP social.coordinator@jetaacanberra.org
Web www.facebook.com/groups/JETAACanberra/events/    (if you aren’t a member, just ask for an invite.  Any last minute changes will be posted to the Facebook Group.)
Menus www.iori.com.au/Deakin_plus/plusmenuindex/index.htm

If you have any questions about the dinner, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hope to see you there!

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