Kabuki at ANU – Kagotsurube – The Haunted Sword

ANU Za Kabuki Presents:
Kagotsurube – The Haunted Sword

Thursday 24th October 6:30-8:30
Friday 25th October 6:30-8:30

Papermoon Theatre, ANU Arts Centre, Bldg #16, Union Court, ANU

The ANU Za kabuki club would like to invite you all to have a fun, exciting and enjoyable night where you can have a taste of traditional Japanese Kabuki culture. It’s definitely not just for Japanese speakers or learners, but a great event for everyone!!

Kabuki (歌舞伎), literally translated as “the art of singing and dancing”, is a traditional Japanese performing arts. The make-up and costumes worn by the performers are very elaborate and eye catching.

ANU Za Kabuki, founded in 1976, is the longest running Kabuki troupe outside of Japan with a cast and crew consisting mainly of ANU students of various nationalities. In 2013, we have been creating our “Australianised” version of ‘Kagotsurube -The haunted sword-‘ since March 2013, learning about Japanese culture, the language and the amazing art of kabuki. The performance will mainly be in Japanese, but be easily accessible to non-Japanese speakers too with English lines and humour with an Australian twist, and an English program distributed at the performance.

Ticket information:
Adults: $15
Concession: $10
Children: $8 (6 years or under)
Group (5+): $8/person

Advance ticket purchases are available at ANU Baldessin Precinct Building 08-17/10/2013, Mon-Thurs 10am-4pm
Map: See our facebook website below for the link


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