Canberra JETAA October Newsletter

Spring is Springing!!!

Lots of stuff coming up in the first couple of weeks of October!

  • Embassy Reception
  • Sushi Night Part Duex

October Oshaberikai

Embassy Reception

The Embassy of Japan is hosting a reception for visiting Diet members on October the 12th and would like to have some representatives of JETAA there to speak to them about the value of the program. This is a great opportunity to be able to talk to policy makers about what value you think the program has, and help show that JETAA is a part of the Japan/Australia community in Canberra. They’re looking for about 10 people, but need to know names and contact details so they can send out invitations. If you’re interested please contact me at, and I’ll forward your information on to the Embassy.

Sushi Night II

Natalie and Amanda have put together another Sushi Night at Coo Japanese Izakaiya. We’re booked in for TuesdayOctober 11th, from 6:00pm. We will have a private sushi making class hosted by the owner Mamoru-san, and then get to eat our (and his) handiwork. All are welcome. Last time folks brought family and friends along, and we have room for 30 people or so. Cost is $20 per person, which gets you food and professional instruction in the finer points of ‘roll your own’. If we can get 25 folks or more signed up Mamoru-san will give us a discount (and maybe some sushi rolling mats!). We need numbers by 8th October so contact me ASAP to sign up.

October Oshaberikai

Our next monthly get together will be Wednesday October 5th at Coo Izakaiya in Civic. Please RSVP with me at so that we can get an accurate head count. Things start at 6pm and usually run until around 8:30pm.



Adam C. Gastineau

President JETAA Canberra

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