JETAACanberra Canberra JETAA Inc E-mail for Week Ending 15th October 2010

Kinda meaty this week; have a bite.

  • JETAA wants YOU!!!
  • Attention returned JETS, EMBASSY JOB
  • Iron Chef Canberra
  • News from Japan

JETAA wants YOU!!!

Spring has sprung folks, and that means that the time has come for JET to start their recruiting drive in a quest for next year’s ALTs and CIRs.

We need a couple of volunteers to come out for the ANU JET Information Session. Shinki-san has requested one ALT and one CIR to come and speak about their experiences in Japan and answer all the question the potential newbies might come up with.

Time and venue of the Information session are follows,

Time:26th Oct, 6:30pm-8:00pm
Venue:room BPB W119 (The Japan Centre at ANU)

I am on the ANU campus daily, but if someone who was in Japan more recently than 2005 can make it we’d love to have up-to-date information. We also need someone with experience as a CIR to come along to share their experience.

If you’re interested, please e-mail me at ASAP so I can get Shinki-san your details.

Attention returned JETS, EMBASSY JOB

Shinki-san has also given me some sad news. Due to injury the JET Coordinator is out of action for a bit, and the Embassy of Japan is looking for someone who can help with coordinating the program on a part time basis. If you’re recently back from Japan, this would be a good chance to get into the job market. Exact start date and working times will be discussed with applicants at the interview.

Details follow: (Excuse my formatting)

1. Position: Temporary Assistant for JET program Coordinator

2. Duty: In general, the duties of a part time job include the following

  • Assist with recruiting and screening for 2011 JET program
  • Provide necessary information to JET applicants
  • Process and formally evaluate application forms
  • Send the document to independent judges
  • Data processing (recording the screening results)
  • Assist with interview test for 2011 JET program( February)


3.Experience & qualifications required

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Strong communication skills

4.Duration: 40 working days from end of November 2010- February 2010 (not every day).

5.Salary: A$120 per day

Remuneration is cash-in-hand

6.Working hours:In general, 9am-5pm including 1 hour lunch

7.Closing date:Please send in your resume by 22th Oct

Iron Chef Canberra

That’s right folks. Time for kitchen battle.

Ok…not really. BUT we are having an event at Coo that offers valuable skills should you ever find yourself in the crucible of kitchen stadium. Aizawa-san at Coo has agreed to present a clinic on sushi making. We had 30 spots available (down to around 20 now I think), and they’re going fast. Nicola sent around a flier last week, but just in case, here are the details again:

Where: Coo Izakaiya (East Row, Canberra City)
When: Monday (MONDAY! MONDAY!) 25th October 6-9 pm
Why: Because you never know when you’ll be confronted by a guy with bad hair eating a capsicum.

There is a cost for this event ($20 per person) but that cost includes a ticket in the raffle for some door prizes kindly provided by Coo.

News from Japan

Sticking with the western outlets.

The ol’ BBC.

Japan Weighs In for Mr. Liu

Tokyo – “Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has said the release by China of the detained Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo is “desirable”.”

And just for fun, a bit from Sky News (watch out for the ads)

Otaku of the World, Rejoice!

“A robot has been designed in Japan that not only looks real, but acts it as well.”

Have a good week folks!


Adam C. Gastineau
President JETAA Canberra

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