Cherry picking haiku

While enjoying our bento boxes in Young we let the muse take us. Here are a few of the haiku for your enjoyment.

An empty stomach
Young cherries are devoured
Tongue is painted red

– Emma

Clouds of dusty air
Five cars travel in convoy
Two cars meet head on

– Aler

ヤングでの サクランボ 楽しみだ

– Tomohiko Kimura

チェリパイ オージイママの 恋の味

– Keiko Shinki

むぎわらぼう 風になびくは 伸びた。。。

No clouds in the sky
No buildings surrounds us
Appreciate nature

– Risa Nobe

Let’s go to Young
I adore cherries
Come and pick with me

At Young you can pick
Juicy and sweet cherries
Have fun together

Red cherries in Young
Summer feeling warm and free
Together friends always

– Nicola

Seeking fruity joy
To Young we boldly go
Red juice crimson teeth

Blue sky crimson fruit
Warming southern summer sun
Relax with friends

– Murray

Summer day in Young
Eating delicious Bento
Pick lots of cherries

– Kerrie

さくらんぼ そこはかとなく キスの味

– Satoshi Shinki

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