Canberra JETAA Inc E-mail for week ending 2 October 2009

Thanks to Nicola, Greg and Lucy for volunteering to help out at the upcoming JET Programme information sessions. Also, please note that it is unlikely in the extreme that there will be a JETAA e-mail next week.

  • Japanese Beer for sale
  • Next JETAA International Country representative
  • Funding to promote JET
  • Softball – updated practice times
  • O-Shaberikai
  • Dates for your diary
  • News from Japan

Japanese beer for sale

Following the inclement weather of the Canberra-Nara Candle Festival, JETAA has an over-stock of beer. If you are interested in acquiring a case or two (or three …) please contact Murray at:

The beer is being sold at cost as a cost-recovery exercise and we will pass on out bulk discount to you. How about that?

Price per case (24 bottles) is:

  • Asahi $56
  • Kirin $55

Next JETAA International Country representative

Lucy Shields’ two year term as Australian Country Rep is coming to an end. The position of JETAA International Country representative will become vacant.

It is not an onerous position, but would be most easily undertaken by someone with a working knowledge of JETAA administrative processes at the chapter level. Lucy welcomes questions from potential nominees to australiajetaa@ or on 0419 344 926. Please contact her for a position description.

Nominees should send their nomination platform to (cc. between 10-15 OCTOBER 2009.

Voting (one vote per Australian chapter) will be held at the Oceania Regional Conference in November.

So, if you fancy a few junkets around the place (Lucy got trips to Paris and Jamaica) with minimal work for an organisation that charitably may be described as working at a glacial pace why not throw your hat in the ring?

Funding to promote JET

CLAIR has advised that they have some additional funding to support any projects to promote the JET Programme to try to encourage more people to apply to participate in JET.

The Committee is already working closely with CLAIR on this project, but new ideas are always welcome.

If you have any great ideas to encourage more people to apply for JET please contact Murray at:

Softball – Updated practice times

The annual Australia-Japan softball competition will be held ths year on Saturday, 17 October 2009.

As in previous years, the JETAA/CJC/AJS team will hold practice sessions at Yarralumla Neighbourhood Oval the practice session will be as follows:

10 Oct: Sat 1-3 pm

For further details please contact the skipper at:

All levels of player are welcome to participate.


The next O-Shaberikai will be held on Wednesday, 4 November 2009 at the Holy Grail in Civic from 5.30pm onwards. Please do come along if you can.

For those who don’t know, the O-Shaberikai is a very informal monthly get-together where Japanese people staying in Canberra can meet Australians who have some interest in Japan. As it is informal, you’re not bound by time constraints so turning up late or leaving early is not a problem at all.

Dates for your diary

Sunday, 6 December 2009 – Field trip to Young
Friday, 5 February 2010 – Shinnenkai

More information will be forthcoming closer to the date of the event.

News from Japan

Anti-groping week nets 31 arrests. Ladies, and lady-boys, of Tokyo can breathe easy:

Have a great week,

JETAA President

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